Registration Sawit Network

SawitCentre as a bridge that connects oil palm agro-industry with experts, research finding and innovation. Activities that are being carried out and will be carried out include the following:
  1. Journal Publication (OPRR/Oil Palm Research and Review)
  2. Palm Oil Diplomacy
  3. International Webinar
  4. Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprise in smallholder oil palm plantations
  5. Minitab-Based Application on Palm oil plantation production management and forecasting
  6. Life Cycle Assessment of Palm Oil Industry
  7. Palm Oil Blockchain
  8. GPS Radio Tracking of FFB Transport Vehicle
  9. Smart Phone-Based Monitoring and Evaluation of Smallholder Replanting Program
  10. Innovation on the application of Biofertilizer and Biological Agent.
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Sawit Centre will develop a dream team . We invite experts from all over the world to find the solutions with us. Please join us today!If you are interested in sustainable palm oil development and agree to find the solutions with us. Please fill the form below: