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The Global Center Of Excellence In Oil Palm

Sawit Centre is based in Indonesia and managed by competent people from various parts of the world. Sustain you in a great work, business, research and innovation in grand-sector of palm oil.

Vision & Mission


To become a global center of excellence in oil palm.


  1. Sawit Centre as a partner in realizing substainable oil palm development.
  2. Sawit Centre as a bridge that connects oil palm agroindustry with experts.
  3. Become the Sawit Center as the main reference center in realizing substainable development of oil palm.
  4. Sawit Centre as a credible, independence and visionary non governmental organization.

About Sawit Center

Sawit centre is international non government value based-organization, established in the beginning of 2020. Sawit centre consolts a variety of elements in the grand-multi-sectoral and whole chain of palm oil. Sawit centre develops the strategic roles to sustain the research and development, business and innovation of palm oil, be a frontliner and partner for all.

Roadmap & Challenges

To take a strategic role in taking/supporting Indonesia.

  • To become the market leader of palm oil in the world
  • To become initiator of the global quality standard of palm oil products/industries
  • To maintain the confidence as a country that best understands palm oil and its entire supply chain
  • To become a reference center for research and study of world palm science and technology
  • To keep leading in technological progress and innovation in the entire palm supply chain

The Palm Industry

The palm industry is a tropical vegetable oil revolution that has brought profound changes in the world vegetable oil market. This is dedicated by the dominance of palm oil in the production and consumption of world vegetable oil.

The achievement of such an impresive palm oil industry has captured the attention of the public, NGOs and international institutions globally. Various forms of negative campaigns and protective policies to tackle the palm oil industry are a reaction to the palm oil revolution.

Support Sustainable Palm Oil Development

To implement a sustainable, environtmentally-friendly and fair trade palm oil industry, SAWIT CENTRE exists as a credible, independent and visionary global partner. As a global non-govermental organization, SAWIT CENTRE takes a position in the middle that connects the concerned parties.

If you are interested in being an industry or institution that supports sustainable palm oil development, SAWIT CENTRE is your friend. Let’s make it happen together.

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If you are interested in being an industry or institution that supports sustainable palm oil development, Sawit Centre is your friend. Let's make it happen together.

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